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Safety (for a Price)

Once a consumer products company that merely dabbled in computers and robotics, Uber Corp International invested heavily in those areas with the rise of the monster forces. Its researchers worked relentlessly, carefully analyzing the monster attacks and paying handsomely for the slightest information on monster physiology and technology. This investment and drive has paid off in the company’s product line of robotic protection vehicles (RPVs) in the likeness of the Carnidons, Shinobi, and others. Towering above even the impressive RPVs, the robots in Uber Corp’s mechamonster program are undoubtedly its crowning achievement. These amazing robotic copies of the beasts and fiends rampaging through Earth’s cities can stand toe-to-toe with any aberration of nature. However, controversy surrounds the mecha-monsters: is UCI deploying them to protect the populace, or is its only protecting its own revenue stream with grandiose publicity stunts disguised as public service?