Welcome to the new Combat Company website

Welcome to our new website! We've got heaps of great new features and we can't wait for you to experience them.

Obviously the website, while functional, is still a work in progress. Some changes you should see right away, others will be going live over the comming days and weeks. You'll notice that items now have more information included on the description page. Things like materials, base sizes and factions can now be seen on some items to help make your purchasing decisions easier. We're aiming to spread this level of information throughout the website as soon as possible, but there's quite a few products to get through!

One thing we heavily appreciate at The Combat Company is customer loyalty. Which is why, starting right away, we're happy to announce 'Combat Credit'. This is a rewards program which provides all of our customers with reward points every time they place an order with us. These credits can then later be used to save money off a later purchase.

You'll also notice a significant design overhall has occured, with new images and buttons for all of our product catagories. Stock levels and avaliabliity should now be clearer than ever before. We appreciate any feedback on your experinece with our new design and features.

If you're an existing customer there are a few things to be aware of so we've put together this page to help answer any questions you might have regarding your account. Please send all relevant enquiries to info@thecombatcompany.com.au

Logging In:

The majority of user accounts from the previous website should still exist along with any relevant account information such as postage addresses. You will however, need to create a new password for your account as we were unable to bring any private password information across. To do this, go to the account login page, put in your email and request a password reset.

Order History:

Information regarding your previous orders has not been carried over to the new site, you will not be able to review any past purchases unfortunately. However, we have a seperate record of all customer purchases so if you're looking for any information about something you've ordered in the past just get in contact with us and we should be able to share the information you're looking for.

Existing Orders/Pre-Orders:

As outlined above, we were unable to transfer orders directly to the new website. Any customers who had outsanding orders or Pre-Orders for unreleases products will not be able to see these orders on the new website. Don't panic! We have a record of all outstanding orders which is kept completely seperate to the website, you might not be able to see the order but it's still there and will be filled as usual when the items become avaliable.

Wish Lists:

As above, wish lists were not able to be transfered over. This is stored privately and we have no way to access your previous wishlists unfortunately, this information is not recoverable.

Store Credit:

If you had outstanding Store Credit before the new website launch (10-05-2016) then you should still be able to log into your account and access whatever funds you still had avaliable. If you're unable to access this Credit or believe the balance to be incorrect then just let us know and we'll investigate the issue for you.

Gift Vouchers:

If you recieved a gift voucher and had not used it prior to the switch over (10-05-2016) please get in contact with us as soon as possible. Please include proof of purchase in your e-mail, this will have to come from the person who purchased the voucher for you.

If you have any questions or concerns just get in contact with us at: info@thecombatcompany.com.au. We'll endevour to solve any issues you might have as quickly as possible.