WW40k is a friendly nation wide tabletop wargaming movement who focuses on enjoyment and promotion of the the wargaming hobby. Children and first timers are welcome along with veteran players. We have multiple groups that can be found through the our website, with major hubs in Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide. WW40k also hosts its “Away Team” made up of senior enthusiastic participants who focus on running and attending big events to promote what wargaming is all about, while raising money for Legacy Australia. Each group has its own meet times advertised online.

What do you play?

Our groups all have their own favourite gaming platforms. However, they all play all major Games Workshop systems, Specialist Games, Flames of War, Spartan systems, X Wing and Privateer games. We are also open to giving any other games a go as long as they promote fun and enjoyment! We also hold and run regular gaming major events using our very own tried and tested Tournament System.

Where and when do you meet?
WW40K Townsville meets at Lavarack Barracks.
Every fortnight on Saturday 1000 - 1700, and occasionally on Tuesday afternoons from 1630 on.

For more information and details for Brisbane and Sydney, please email ww40K@hotmail.com
All visits are free forever.

Do you run any tournaments, or is it all casual gaming?
WW40K is the perfect mix of casual gaming and intense competition.
The Townsville chapter runs several Warhammer 40K events each year, from Legacy Fundraiser comps
to the epic Tropicarnage marathon. All their events are incredibly well organised and friendly.
Further, WW40K has an Away Team of senior, enthusiastic members who run and attend larger events.
They represent the club, promote wargaming to a wider audience, and raise money for Legacy Australia.

What's the best way to get in contact with the club?
Flick an email over to ww40K@hotmail.com to find out specific details for your local chapter


WW40k has an active Facebook group that can be used by members of all ages to discuss their hobby and make plans for future meets. To see the faces of WW40k head on over to our website and meet the crew.

If you are looking for a group of enthusiastic, fun and friendly gamers with no strings attached who do their best to raise money for Legacy Australia then WW40k is for you.

In short – Tabletop Wargaming as it should be.

Website: http://www.ww40k.com/2013/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/ww40k/
Phone: 0435 809 167 (9am to 5pm 7days)