Allies of Convenience

What do you play? 

The super fantastic blokes from Allies of Convenience play anything and everything - 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, Dystopian Wars, Dropzone Commander, Malifaux, Firestorm Armada, Star Wars X-Wing, Netrunner, and more

Where and when do you meet?
Every 2nd Saturday from 10 till 5 at The Combat Company
Unit 4, 16 Hearne St, Mortdale
Visit the  Facebook page for specific dates

What's the vibe of the club? Do you do tournaments or just relaxed gaming?
There are about 10 guys who regularly meet up, and about 15-20 for special events. The atmosphere is very casual, and the guys are happy to play any and all games - if you bring it, someone will play it with you. The guys host friendly tournaments and comps, at the moment Star Wars X-Wing being the red hot fave.

What’s the best way to get in contact with the club?
If you'd like to join in the fun, hit up the Allies of Convenience Facebook Page and set up a game with someone. Otherwise, feel free to email one of the two Daves at or

Allies of Convenience Facebook Group

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