Shoalhaven Dice Rollers

What do you play? 
The Shoalhaven Dice Rollers All GW games, all Privateer Press games, Malifaux, Infinity, and pretty much any roleplaying game ever. They also have a selection of board games and are always happy to try new games!

Where and when do you meet?
Shoalhaven PCYC
On Park Rd
Nowra, NSW

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Every Sunday, 10am to 7pm.

What's the vibe of the club? Do you do tournaments or just relaxed gaming?
The club is a very friendly, laid back group of gamers, always happy to try new games and happy to teach new people. They don't normally run tournaments and prefer more the friendlier pick-up games. There's a lot of roleplays going on and its a great place to find people for roleplay groups

What’s the best way to get in contact with the club?
To organise a visit to the ShoalhavenDice Rollers, email Sam at

Shoalhaven Dice Rollers Facebook Page