Looking for a change of pace?

We are.

We’ve built Modifx Pty Ltd and The Combat Company from $100 on eBay to the tabletop wargaming powerhouse it is today over 12 years of hard labour. The business is in a great position – it’s established within the market, it has a strong base of both existing and new customers. It has potential for growth back into ranges we’ve moved away from (such as Games Workshop) or into entirely new areas we haven’t explored (such as model kits).

We now have a family and we feel the time has come to shift our focus away from the challenges and rewards of running the business to spending more time with our loved ones.

We are looking for serious buyers interested in purchasing Modifx Pty Ltd (as a wholesale business) and The Combat Company (as an internet and bricks-and-mortar retail business). The companies own considerable stock and assets, meaning the buyer(s) would need to be financially stable and able to undertake a significant investment.

If you are interested in discussing this opportunity, please contact russell@modifx.com