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The Outlaws are a rag-tag mix of men and women. Each forging their own path in the world, each fiercely independent. To the Union and Lawmen, they are viewed as desperate and dangerous criminals. The term outlaw is as a slur among the men and women of the Union. In these troubled times, where war and wages thrive, cut-throats, bandits and mercenaries inevitably follow.

Separately, the Outlaws flock to charismatic men and women who offer them, fame, fortune or a glorious destiny. The Dystopian Age makes such individuals into outlaw nobility, their services for hire as displays of power to intimidate others. Outlaws can turn a rich man into a dangerous one. Of course, it goes without saying that any relationship based solely on coin can quickly turn predatory if an employer fails to keep his mercenaries well paid.

Though the Outlaws are a varied bunch, they largely fall under one of four Affiliations. You are free to choose Bosses from any of them.