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Magnificent Mesozoic Mayhem

The world is full of secret and wild places where civilization has yet to intrude. These locations have kept their secrets for tens of thousands of years, containing as-yet undiscovered bounties of animal life. So it was in the depths of the Amazon jungle. The vast canopy blocked satellite imagery, and many expeditions vanished without a trace. This unexplored wilderness concealed a powerful primordial force, unimagined by modern minds and whispered to be a manifestation of the very gods by the isolated tribes of the deep jungle. With the coming of the monsterpocalype, an ancient order of beasts stirred in remotest South America, emerging for the first time in human history. The colossal lizard dubbed Terra-Khan and a host of lesser Terrasaurs came forth to do battle with the strange invaders attacking the world. With a slash of his immense tail Terra-Khan can send hulking monsters flying, and the power of his roar can flatten an entire industrial complex. While Terra-Khan and his offspring seem content to simply destroy other monsters, the urban devastation they wreak is seen as a boon by some. The Terrasaurs do drive off other threats to the world, but in doing so they leave whole city blocks flattened. To those who view industrialization and progress as an existential threat to the world, this collateral damage is a further victory. Cheering throngs of such people trail behind the march of the Terrasaurs, rejoicing at every toppled building and trampled industrial complex.