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From Shadow, Light

Hidden behind a shroud of enigmatic activities, the criminal cartel known as the Shadow Sun Syndicate alleges its mission is to preserve humanity and society—though sometimes this seems to come at the cost of that very humanity and society. Indeed, observers often have difficulty determining whose interests the Syndicate serves, for they clash with law enforcement and military agencies as often as with cosmic and interdimensional threats. What they claim is an altruistic effort to maintain balance in the world, critics argue is quite clearly an attempt to control it. The Shadow Sun Syndicate is a well-funded private organization based in Japan and dedicated to the acquisition of advanced technology and all related knowledge. Some describe them as the greatest repository of technological information in the world. Guided by the genius of Dr. Arisu Kaneko, the Shadow Sun Syndicate has leaped decades ahead of anyone else in the fields of biotechnology and nanotechnology. Chief among Dr. Kaneko’s achievements are the Zors—biomorphic and cybernetically enhanced ninja warriors. Each of their hi-tech armored suits contains a human transformed into a weapon of war through the application of incredibly advanced science. They can morph at will from human size to 60-meter super-fighters employing a destructive combination of martial arts and energy weapons. While its methods remain unpredictable, the Shadow Sun Syndicate has won the hearts of countless people who see these giant warriors not as rogues but as awe-inspiring knights ready to battle the forces that menace the world.