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Calling on the Power of the Elements

High in the Akaishi Mountains of Japan dwells an ancient order of monks dedicated to the preservation of all that is good in the human race. Though their numbers are very few, these warrior monks possess powerful magic tied to earth, air, fire, water, and heaven. Even the lowliest monk of the Tenshi Seigikan order can coalesce powerful elemental warriors from the world of nature. Living stone, driving wind, searing flame, and raging torrents readily heed the call of the Tenshi Seigikan. The greatest monks of the order are not only casters of powerful spells but are also the trusted guardians of ancient armor infused with the power of the elements. With great concentration and inner focus, the wearers of these holy relics can channel magical energy into temporary bursts of unparalleled power that elevate the monks from peaceful contemplatives to elemental gods who walk the earth. These warrior gods enforce the Tenshi Seigikan teachings with a strength borne on faith and an inner calm that grants them great insight and focus in battle. They seek not the harm of their enemies so much as the protection of the innocent.