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A Crusade Against Intergalactic Evil

The Draken Armada is a fleet of intergalactic starships sent from a highly advanced civilization in a nearby galaxy. Their crusade began when a Planet Eater comet entered their solar system. Unlike Earth, they were much more prepared for this invasion; nevertheless, they suffered great losses in order to defeat those who would destroy their home world. Gallamaxus was once a noble warrior and led their forces during the Planet Eater attack. With great sacrifice, he dealt the final blow to defeat the enemy but not before being mortally wounded. As the Draken people watched their great hero’s body drift out into the darkness of space, they made a vow: never again would a people stand alone against an evil like the Planet Eaters. With this oath, they began constructing great ships to carry their armies across the stars in a hunt for evil. Members of the Draken race are of much greater stature than humans, and their technology is indistinguishable from magic to the scientists of Earth. They fight beside other reptilian creatures from their home world and are led by great beasts. In times of desperate need, the Draken turn to their most powerful and dangerous secrets to succeed. An exceptional volunteer enters a vast mystichnical chamber and emerges as a mighty monster and champion to protect their people.