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Radical Solutions to the World's Problem

Many organizations grew out of the environmentalist movement of the 1960s and early ’70s. There were a few scientists in these groups who advocated for not just the preservation of the planet but also a deeper understanding of what nature was truly capable of. Derided as crackpots, these researchers insisted that life forms existed on a much larger scale than was widely accepted and that this mega-fauna would change everything about the Earth if fully understood. Driven to the most extreme militant fringe of the movement, these scientists found allies in those convinced the only thing that would save the planet was violence toward polluters taking advantage of nature, and thus was Green Fury born. When the Monsterpocalypse began, this small group was finally vindicated. Focusing especially on the Terrasaurs, they mounted expeditions to the deepest parts of the Amazon where these creatures had emerged. Their risk paid off greatly, allowing for advances in biology that just decades before had seemed impossible. Seargent Titanica is but the first of their projects: what they hope is the salvation of the Earth.