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Savage Saviors

A great race of gargantuan apes has long secluded itself from the domain of man in the deepest, unmapped regions of Africa’s deadly Congo jungles. With the rise to power of their new king, however, they rejected the ancient counsel of their elders and began to look beyond their sheltered existence to the world around them. What they discovered was strange beyond expectation: with cars, planes, and skyscrapers, the sprawling cities of humanity teemed with technology and activity. Shocked and disgusted by the unrestrained plundering of nature’s refuge, the simian sapiens slipped away unnoticed—for the time being. King Kondo saw the liberation of nature from humanity as a call his people could not deny. They would reduce the cities to rubble so nature could once again have her way. Under his leadership, the apes scoured the jungles and deserts for tools to use against the cities of man: scorched hulks of tanks and planes from bygone wars they quickly reshaped into armor and weapons befitting their lineage. These proud warriors now demolish cities and protect rustic villages with equal fervor. They bear no ill will toward humanity but will stop at nothing to see all live in harmony with nature rather than in dominion over her.