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Every Earth Will Be Ours

Unlike many of the forces fighting to conquer Earth, the Zerkalo Bloc is made up of humans. They come from another version of our planet, one of countless parallel versions of our home world scattered across the multiverse. Their ancestors fought a war to dominate their Earth and stumbled across the technology to pierce the fabric between realities. They saw it as their right to expand their empire into all these newfound territories, and they have been fighting wars ever since. They discovered worlds blasted by nuclear winter, dominated by the descendants of the dinosaurs, and others far stranger. When their first scouts returned from the Monsterpocalypse, some members of their high command urged caution and ultimately avoidance of this bewildering conflict. Others saw the possibility of a great victory and access to more technologies and materials than they had ever imagined before. Unfortunately for those seeking to protect this Earth, cooler heads did not prevail. The forces that march forth from the dimensional rifts opened by powerful machines on their Earth are led by walking battleships and factory robots that scoop up entire blocks of cities to feed into their grinding resource hoppers, sifting out the useful resources to construct more of their odd-looking tanks and aircraft to replace any losses inflicted by the beleaguered forces that stand against them.