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We Will Not Be Disposed of So Easily

Human scientists are baffled by the emergence of the Waste. The only thing about these new destructive creatures as verified by multiple sources is that they seem to be spreading from the Chicago area. Legitimate scientific thought and wild conspiracy theories are part of every discussion regarding their true origin. Whether they were created when a comet fragment struck a radioactive waste facility, when the eldritch energies of Cthul imbued a semi-sentience into sewer sludge, or when demented human scientists spawned them in a dark lab, the truth is still to be determined. As unclear as the origin of this Faction remains, even less clear are the creature’s motives. Almost as many theories exist on the topic of intelligence amongst these blobs as their origins. Some seem to react to stimuli in a fashion reminiscent of living creatures, and others appear to be mindlessly destructive. The only thing scientists have come to a firm conclusion about at this point is that more observation and samples are necessary to truly understand this new threat.