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The Surface Will Suffer

Of all the monsters mankind has seen since the dawn of the Monsterpocalypse, none are more nefarious than the loathsome Subterrans. The tyrant caste of these misshapen beast-men inflicts slavery and pain upon those in their domain and now seeks to subjugate humankind as well. The tyrants’ ultimate goal is to blot out the sun so they may live comfortably on Earth’s surface despite their highly photosensitive eyes. To that end, they send Subterran warriors to the surface, along with enormous mole-like beasts that smash cities to bits and send citizens running heedlessly into the arms of Subterran slavers. Their perverse “human resource centers” are vast factory prisons whose sole product is a constant wave of inky darkness streaming into the atmosphere, causing the skies to darken gradually in their vicinity. In the face of such villainous foes, the militaries, corporations, and religions of Earth have no choice but to band together.