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All Will Be Repurposed

Humanity was just getting used to the concepts of interplanetary creatures bent on consuming the universe and alien invaders harvesting resources to revitalize their dying world when the first messengers of the Draken Armada arrived in the solar system. Along with the aid they brought, these intergalactic travelers also brought a warning of an even larger looming threat. Gallamaxus arrived just months later. Our new allies explained that this creature was but the first in a dark cloud of death headed for our planet. He is the harbinger of the Necroscourge, which may be the most terrifying addition to the Monsterpocalypse yet. From what little humanity has learned of the Necroscourge, it seems to be a hivemind of nanite machines. Their origin is a mystery, but tendrils of the nanite cloud stretch across the void, reaching for nearby stars. When the nanites come into contact with dead material, the cloud disassembles and reconstitutes whatever it has found into a weapon. These weaponized corpses protect the swarm, but they also wreak new destruction to ensure the Necroscourge has plenty of new material to work from.