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Darkness... Insanity... Tentacles

Beyond the veil of our own universe exist myriad dimensions teeming with unknown threats. For eons, practitioners of the occult have dared to peel back the fragile layer that separates our world from a vast realm of darkness to glimpse the ancient powers that lurk within. And from time to time, those horrors have slipped through the void. No one knows if the cultists who summoned the Lords of Cthul to our world did so intentionally or accidentally, as the great Cthugrosh slew those foolish humans the moment he first slithered out of the abyss—perhaps his only merciful act. Followed by a legion of towering monsters and nightmare spawn, Cthugrosh wasted no time in spreading his primordial corruption across the globe. Where the Cthulians tread the earth blackens, vegetation withers, and humans bow in abject worship before the might of these eldritch demi-gods. Those who will not kneel are transformed into hideous mockeries of their former selves, forced to suffer their few remaining days as slaves to the will of these unappeasable beings. Theologians name the Lords of Cthul as none other than the beasts that herald the end of days. Those who have witnessed these otherworldly abominations, however, know the Cthulians are much older than anything described in the holy texts of man, and that the end of days might be far ahead of schedule.