Rapier AA Tanks

Dropzone Commander - United Colonies of Mankind

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SKU: DZC-21009
Brand: Hawk Wargames
Material: Resin
Miniature count: Three

This Dropzone Commander United Colonies of Mankind Rapier AA Tanks pack contains three (3) resin UCM Rapier AA Tank miniatures. All miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.


The Rapier utilises the Sabre-type hull to mount a fearsome UM-28 'Vindicator' Gatling cannon on a similar folding turret armature. This makes the Rapier an excellent anti-air unit, where the rapid traverse of its turret system can track fast moving aircraft with ease, while sending a hail of shells towards its target.

The vast reserves of ammunition required to feed the Vindicator are stored inside the hull and fed to the weapon via a complex internal path. The Rapier utilises a far more modest power generator than the Sabre, freeing space for this purpose, since the UM-28 has minimal power requirements.

The Rapier can also turn the Vindicator on massed infantry formations firing in 'wide burst' mode, causing unbelievable carnage. This is achieved by rapid, tiny movements in the weapon armature, intentionally reducing accuracy but causing widespread devastation downrange.


Three models per blister

10mm Scale

Length: 34mm (gun forward)

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