WM-02 German Blitzkrieg Infantry

Warlord Games - Bolt Action

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This Warlord Games Bolt Action German Blitzkrieg Infantry pack contains thirty (30) multi-part hard plastic German Blitzkrieg Infantry miniatures. All models are supplied unassembled and require assembly.

Representing the classic image of the German infantryman during World War II, these miniatures are equipped with knee-high jackboots, unadorned ‘coalscuttle’ helmet and a martial discipline that took them to almost complete dominance of mainland Europe.

Whilst the glory often went to the armoured knights of the panzer divisions, the infantry were the spine of the Wehrmacht. Germany’s cunning use of Blitzkrieg tactics conquered Poland, swept through the Low Countries and defeated France, before turning their attention to the Soviet Union. Soviet forces were pushed all the way to Moscow as the relentless march of Hitler’s landsers swept all before them.

Well-led, superbly trained and equipped with the finest infantry weapons in the world, the German infantryman was a skilled and dangerous foe capable of thinking for themselves if needed, giving them a significant advantage over their foes. Vorwärts!

Blitzkrieg German Infantry contains:
• Enough plastic components to make 30 German infantry miniatures. Includes a host of options to allow for different weapon configurations and command models.
• Weapons included: Kar 98K rifle, MP38/MP40 sub-machine gun, Luger pistol, MG34 light machine gun, Kar 98K with attached bayonet, stick grenades, scoped Kar 98K rifle.
• Round plastic bases (25mm diameter).
• Construction leaflet.

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