Hordes - Minions


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SKU: PIP-75032
Brand: Privateer Press
System: Hordes
Faction: Minions
Scale: 30mm
Material: White Metal
Base size: Round Lip - 1x 40mm

This Hordes Minion Thrullg blister pack contains one (1) Minion Thrullg miniature. All miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

The reclusive Thrullg are hulking humanoids that feed on magical energy. They are drawn from the safety of their lairs by the unfettered use of magic in battles across Caen, and no spellcaster is safe in the vicinity of a living Thrullg. As if their magical appetites were not dangerous enough, these creatures' claws and tentacles can kill a man as easily as they drain arcane power.

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