So long, farewell...

Thirteen years ago, The Combat Company started with a box of leftover bits and pieces which Russ sold on eBay. That small box became a wardrobe of stock. It grew to fill a one-car, then two-car garage. Then it grow to fill the entire downstairs of the house (including the bathroom and shower). Finally, it moved, much to Ness' delight, to a 265 square metre warehouse. And recently, we hit our 100,000th order on the website. 

We've travelled the east coast of Australia to events of various sizes and scales. We've met so many interesting people, shared stories, made life long friends. We've had a great time doing this. What an amazing journey we've had of highs and lows - but mainly highs. 

Now it's time for a change. We want to take time out to enjoy all the hard work we've put in over the years and embark on new adventures with our young family. 

When we decided to sell the business, we wanted to ensure it would move to a person who had the same passion for the hobby and community. We've found the right person. Our customers, our community and The Combat Company are going to be in very safe, very capable hands.

Thank you all from the very bottom of our hearts - to you, our customers and friends, to you, our suppliers and competitors, and to you, the many wonderful characters who have worked with us. We will be sticking around as the new owner settles in, so we hope we have an opportunity to thank you in person.

Game on
Russ and Ness xx