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Planetfall - The Relthoza

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This Spartan Games Planetfall The Relthoza Aerial Interceptor Helix box set contains one (1) Savimasc Class Heavy Battle Suit three (3) Halamasc Class Drone Pods and two (2) Sky Drop Markers with Micro Dice. Models supplied unpainted and require assembly.

The Relthozan Interceptors are truly alien in their tactics and can easily overwhelm the enemy as they swoop in unseen into dogfights! Using a combination of stealth and aggression, the Relthozans have been known to dominate the skies over many battlefields.

The Savimasc Heavy Battle Suit allows a fledgling Relthozan Warrior to leap into the sky and engage the enemy from above with a variety of weapons. Most common is the feared Spinneret Launcher – an interceptor weapon that paralyses the foe, attacking the engines and propulsion systems of the target with nano-tech.

The suit also provides a form of cloaking field and extra armour plates that give the Relthozan an unprecedented degree of protection in the dogfights that rage above the battlefield. Finally, the Battle Suit also provides a constant link to the Rethozan High Command, allowing the Savimasc to call in a number of artillery barrages should the situation on the ground require it.
Supporting the Savimasc are the Halamasc Drone Pods. These large battle-pods house Relthozan pupates further into their lifecycle and allow these creatures to engage the enemy from above with a combination of cloaking stealth and powerful Spinneret attacks.

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