Aerial Interceptor Helix

Planetfall - Sorylian Collective

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This Spartan Games Planetfall Sorylian Collective Aerial Interceptor Helix box set contains one (1) Jor’Mak’Ta Class Heavy Gunship and three (3) Mak’Kun Class Heavy Interceptors. Models supplied unpainted and require assembly.

What the Sorylian Collective Interceptor Helix lacks in subtlety it more than makes up for in raw firepower. Presenting powerful anti-air and antiground weapons to the enemy the Jor’Mak’Ta Heavy Gunship provides a suitable command focus for this Helix. With Heavy Koli Concussion Guns and no less than two banks of Har’Mok Precision Missiles, the Heavy Gunship can deliver death from above to ground and air targets alike.

In support of the Heavy Gunship, the Collective deploys the Mak’Kun Heavy Interceptors to engage and harass enemy flyers with direct effect. Although armed with the Har’Mok Precision Missiles similar to their larger parent, the Mak’Kun are considerably faster, allowing them to engage the enemy on their tail or rear where their weapons will cause the most damage.



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