Screamer / Raider Heavy Dropship

Dropzone Commander - The Scourge

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This Hawk Wargames Dropzone Commander The Scourge Screamer / Raider Heavy Dropship pack contains one (1) resin Scourge Screamer / Raider Heavy Dropship miniature. All miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

The Screamer is a chillingly familiar unit to Resistance fighters, but is only now being encountered by UCM troops. Unlike many enemy units, it is rare that the Screamer is visually identified.

The Screamer is a consummate terror weapon, part of a second wave of any Scourge invasion to root out pockets of resistance and demoralise any survivors, breeding a miasmic sense of despair as is scuttles with chilling speed towards its prey. In addition to its already potent mental weapons, the Screamer is armed with sets of powerful, metal sheathed claws which in conjunction with its massive size and augmented musculature make it more than capable of ripping a heavy battle tank to shreds.

The Raider is a dedicated insertion platform for esoteric and specialist Scourge units. It is designed to fully envelope bulky units that have highly specific mission parameters, often as outliers to the main Scourge force. Horrific weapon systems complete the package, supporting the elite troops it disgorges with lethal anti-personnel acid hoses comparable to those on a Tormentor heavy battle tank.

Experimental rules and background for the Screamer and Raider Heavy Dropship can be found on the Hawk Wargames website.

1 Screamer and 1 Raider Heavy Dropship per blister
10mm Scale

Raider Heavy Dropship: Length 95mm, Width 49mm

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