Kraken / Sepulcher Colossal

Warmachine - Cryx

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SKU: PIP-34117
Brand: Privateer Press
System: Warmachine
Faction: Cryx
Scale: 30mm
Material: Hard Plastic
Miniature count: One
Base size: Round Lip - 1x 120mm

This Privateer Press Warmachine Cryx Kraken / Sepulcher Colossal box set contains one (1) resin and white metal Cryx Kraken / Sepulcher Colossal model. All miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

The Cryxian colossals rank among the most nightmarish necromechanikal fabrications ever loosed upon the Iron Kingdoms. The Sepulcher has great synergy with one of the most popular Cryx units, Mechnithralls, and community demand has been very high for the model. Add to that it is the first hard plastic colossal kit and you should see good sell-through.

The Kraken ranks among the most terrifying necromechanikal fabrications ever loosed upon the mortals of the Iron Kingdoms. Lashing out with grasping tentacles, it snatches up men and stuffs them within the grease-slicked orifices of its shell. The captured have but a moment of terror to consider their lightless environs before their bodies and life energies are extracted by a necromantic furnace that fuels the Kraken’s engines and armament. The Kraken was conceived as the perfect Cryxian engine of death—a machine that could strike from below with overwhelming force, devour its victims, refuel itself on their carcasses, and then vanish beneath the waves.

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