Magister Knights (Box)

Infinity - PanOceania

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SKU: INF-280247
Brand: Corvus Belli
System: Infinity
Faction: PanOceania
Scale: 28mm
Material: White Metal
Miniature count: Four
Base size: Round - 4x 25mm

This Infinity PanOceania Magister Knights pack contains one (1) PanOceania Magister Knight with missile launcher, two (2) Magister Knights with armour-piercing close combat weapons and panzerfausts and one (1) Magister Knight with light shotgun and panzerfaust miniature. All miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.

The Magister Knights are those who have completely dedicated themselves to the cause of a militant and combative Church - an example to all, especially members of the religious Order to which they belong. The retinues of Magisters have an ethic based on courage, loyalty to the Pope and to their comrades-in-arms, without forgetting their service to the Church' ecclesiastical canons and defence of the pauperes – the weakest ones – even if it should require their own lives.



PanOceania is the primary Great Power of the Human Sphere. It owns the greatest number of planets, has the richest economy and possesses the most advanced technology. Pragmatic and generous, PanOceania is a melting-pot of cultures, heir to the best democratic and welfare traditions of the West. Proud of itself and somewhat domineering it can claim to have the most technically sophisticated society and army in the Sphere and likes to brag about it.

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