Grand Alliance: Destruction

Age of Sigmar

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Let loose the beasts of war!

The followers of the Great Green God, Gorkamorka, spill onto the Mortal Realms in a motley patchwork of clans, mobs and thuggish gangs all intent on absolute destruction. Drunken Aleguzzler gargants stagger into the fray, malodorous troggoths and grots swarm over unfortunate foes, enormous greenskinz and Ironjawz kick in the teef of anyone nearby (up to and including each other, more often than not…) This Grand Alliance is a riotous, joyous blur of shouting and violence from which not even the landscape is safe!

This 104-page book is the indispensable guide to the armies and factions of Destruction at the dawn of the Age of Sigmar. A must-own for all collectors and players of this Grand Alliance, and indeed anyone collecting and playing Warhammer Age of Sigmar, it takes you through the forces of Destruction with Warscrolls for every miniature, extensive information on the twelve factions, and sample armies to help you mix and match your collection into a fearsome fighting force - or provide inspiration for your next steps into the world of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

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