Seraphim / Retaliator Strike Fighter

Dropzone Commander - United Colonies of Mankind

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SKU: DZC-21007
Brand: Hawk Wargames
Material: Resin
Miniature count: One

This Dropzone Commander United Colonies of Mankind Seraphim Strike Fighter pack contains one (1) resin UCM Seraphim Strike Fighter miniature. All miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.


The Seraphim is a heavy fighter, designed specifically for strike missions against ground targets. It features a well armoured underbelly, giving it enhanced protection against ground fire. This is just as well, since a typical attack run involves a subsonic, low altitude pass, often directly over the frontlines.

Its primary weapon is the unique 'Heavenfire' system, which can rain torrents of white hot plasma from the Seraphim' internal storage bays. Its deadly payload must be released directly above the target, making the hardened Seraphim the ideal delivery system. Able to reduce a heavy battle tank to a molten puddle, the Heavenfire makes the Seraphim an excellent tank-buster.

The Seraphim also features four under-wing hardpoints to which heavy 'Sledgehammer' bunker busters can be attached.

With these heavy weapons systems, the Seraphim is superbly equipped to deliver unbridled devastation to anything on terra firma.


One model per blister

10mm Scale

Length: 82mm

Wingspan: 58mm

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