Vampire Counts

The Vampire Counts are descendants of the ill-fated inhabitants of Nehekhara. The disgruntled Nagash, brother to the priest king, sought he own path to immortality. He studied the magic of Nehekhara with knowledge he gained from the Dark Elves to produce an elixir. He seize the throne and brought about a devastating war that destroyed Nehekhara. He then fled to Cripple Peak to rebuid his power. Meanwhile, the survivors of the war stumbled upon his elixir. All who drank of it became the first generations of vampires. Now, the vampire brethren are united behind their leader Nagash. They have an army that has boundless ferocity, driven by a powerful lust for blood. 

Warhammer: Nagash - Softcover

Warhammer: Nagash - Softcover

Warhammer Age of Sigmar

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