Alliance of Kurak

The Alliance of Kurak is an affiliation of alien races and planets fighting for independence and survival in the face of the growing Dindrenzi threat. They comprise of a large number of different peoples - the Veydreth, brutal, aggressive and bloodthirsty creatures; the Terquai, early human colonists who have resettled in Aquan Prime; Hawker, a military spacecraft design company; the Ryushi whose huge trade empire was crippled, the mysterious Cheyga, whose trade is being threatened by the Dindrenzi, the nomadic Xelocians, seeking protection from a number of new threats, and the mysterious and respected Tarakians, who fear a greater threat than the Dindrenzi Federation.

Veydreth Cruiser Group

Veydreth Cruiser Group

Firestorm Armada

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