Bellowers & Pteradactix

Monsterpocalypse - Terrasaurs

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Releases 20th Dec

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SKU: PIP-51077
Brand: Privateer Press
Faction: Uber Corp International
Material: Resin & White Metal
Miniature count: Five

Bellowers are formidable Terrasaurs that have demonstrated a remarkably powerful sonic assault capability. Filling their great lungs with air, they can emit either high-pitched shattering shrieks or their more common deep bellows that can crumble stone. Few fabricated materials, even advanced otherworldly ones, can stand against these soundwaves.

Pteradactix are tremendously agile fliers, taking to the skies for the Terrasaurs and quite capable of intercepting other enemies in the air or swooping down on ground forces. They are also adept at lifting their allies and carrying them across rivers or other obstacles.

This blister pack provides Terrasaurs reinforcements for any Protectors player. Bellows provide a mainline blast unit to the Faction, and the noise of their calls Disrupts the plans of enemies around them. Pteradacticx are quick fliers capable of Towing their allies into the best tactical positions.

Resin and white metal components.

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