Army Builder v3 Software - Genuine

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Brand: Army Builder

1 Army Builder v3 Software, Brand New and Sealed in Box, as pictured.

This is the genuine product, it is not a copy. If you purchase this product you are sent the sealed box that holds the original CD and product key. It is not a download so once you own it, you own it.



Army Builder provides a comprehensive set of facilities enabling miniatures gamers to quickly create rosters that are virtually guaranteed to be compliant with the established rules for a given game system. The intuitive interface and powerful feature set are ideal for novices, Rings, Reaper Miniaturesm plus veterans, and casual players alike.

Army Builder is built around a general purpose engine for roster creation, making it suitable for use with fantasy, science fiction and historical games alike. All of the particulars of a given game system are encapsulated in a set of data files for that game system. The user selects the game system he wants, the corresponding data files are loaded, and the product configures itself for the mechanics of that game system.

Data files are separate from Army Builder. However, they are provided as free downloads that are retrieved directly by the product. This method allows the data files to be updated regularly as new supplements are released for games, and it allows user to download the specific files for the games they want.

A complete toolset for creating data files and/or customizing existing data files is also available. This Authoring Kit makes it possible for gamers to add their own custom troops, make adjustments for house rules, or even write complete data files for a game system.


System Requirements:

Windows 98 or up

Intel Pentium II 300mhz (Pentium III 500mhz recommended)

32MB Ram (64MB Ram recommended)

16-bit colour

12MB free hard disk space (plus additional space for data files)

Internet Access

Supports manufactures such as: Flames of War/Battlefront, Mongoose Publishing, Urban Mammoth, Excelsior Entertainment, Rackham, Wizards of the Coast, Games Workshop Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000 , Lord of the Rings, Reaper Miniatures, plus many more...

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Army Builder v3 Software - Genuine

Army Builder v3 Software - Genuine

1 Army Builder v3 Software, Brand New and Sealed in Box, as ...

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