About Us

How we started

Back in distant 2004, Spacewolfs2004 registered on eBay to sell some left-over bits from a Space Wolves box set. What started as left-overs soon mutated into a small range of Space Marine bits. From Space Marines to Tyranids, to Imperial Guard. Spacewolfs2004’s experiment in tidying up the garage fast became an eBay phenomenon. 

Like other eBay sellers, we decided to take the leap from eBay seller to independent Internet retailer. In 2006, we registered a business under the name The-War-Lord and set up a primitive website the-war-lord.com with our original range of 2000 products. Our eBay customers supported the website wholeheartedly. Our following grew stronger.

Circa 2008, we adopted the name The Combat Company, We wanted to eliminate the difficulty of the hyphens in the-war-lord, and to create an image for our business which reflected its true nature. We were no longer a part-time eBay seller but a full-time professional retailer. Our company was no longer the labour of one person, but of a bunch of like-minded, dedicated people.

As we increased our range and customer base, it became apparent that our poorly hand-coded website couldn’t cope with the demands it was facing. We invested a lot of blood, sweat and slaves in building a more sophisticated website. Our range of products also expanded. We branched into other hobby products, gaming aids, accessories and scenery. We stocked little known new games, as well as old favourites.

Over the course of ten years, what started as a small pile of stuff next to a computer in a spare room grew to fill a well-organised, reasonably-sized warehouse.


Our Philosophy

As a fourteen year old, I ventured into my local Games Workshop store. Alas, I could not afford any of their products (and still cannot today). No matter how many lawns I mowed or cars I washed, I couldn’t save enough money to start an army, let alone buy that really cool commander or battle tank I wanted. My first army was a Space Wolves army I bought from a friend. My pride and joy. I still play with it today when I have the chance.

By providing a comprehensive range of gaming products at discounted prices, I hope more people are encouraged to pick up some dice and a brush and see what it’s really like to build and command your own army.

We strive to be your one-stop shop for all your wargaming needs, offering you everything you need to start up, get going and level up. We believe in offering a huge range of products to offer you choice, and specialist, hard to find hobby items that’ll make your life easier. We also believe in holding all these items in stock and in quantity where possible so you can get all the things you need in one hit, and have it shipped out to you as quickly as possible.

The days of shopping from a catalogue and waiting an undisclosed period of time for your items to arrive are over. The days of paying far too much money for something than our mates in the US or UK ‘just because that’s how it’s always been done’ are over too. We live in a global community, so we price our products and to align with the global market.


The Combat Company today

Today we have one of the best websites dedicated to tabletop wargaming and hobby supplies in the world. It’s easy to use and has tonnes of pictures of over 10,000 different products.

Over the years, our parent company Modifx has branched out into product development. We now carry a wide range of high-quality hobby tools designed by the Modifx team – including paint brushes (synthetic and Kolinsky sable), airbrushes and accessories, scenics, plasticard, rare earth magnets, transport cases, sculpting tools, files, drills and more. The range has been developed for hobbyists and modellers, for both amateurs and more experienced enthusiasts and has had a warm reception in the market. Modifx is also an official Australian distributor for some of the most popular tabletop wargame and hobby tool manufacturers, such as Corvus Belli, GCT Studios, Knight Models, Privateer Press, Wyrd Miniatures, 4Ground, Micro Art Studio and AK Interactive. Modifx and The Combat Company operate on the same philosophy – we live in a global community and we compete in a global market place. You should not have to pay exorbitantly prices for a product because of where you live. We believe in a fair go, for our retail and wholesale customers. If you’d like more information about Modifx and our wholesale operation, please visit www.modifx.com

We have a dedicated team ready to answer emails quickly, update the website constantly and process orders on the same day when possible. We hold a huge amount of stock which enables us to turn around orders on the same day if the item is on hand. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service you can find in our industry – if there’s ever an issue, we’ll be in touch and work with you to sort it out quickly.

We have a huge warehouse that is open to the public in Mortdale, New South Wales. It is often referred to as the Bunnings of wargaming. It’s a place where all your plastic crack fantasies come to life. Come in to have a browse or get in touch with us to use the venue for a competition or event.

An equally important part of our business is our support of the gaming community. We’re here for the long haul. We attend local and national events including CANCON, WINTERCON and BRISCON. We sponsor gaming tournaments. We’re also very proud supporters of our mates in the Australian Defence Force Wargaming Association and regularly contribute to fundraising for Soldier On. Where we can, we compete. We support existing clubs all around Australia and we’re always interested in starting new clubs.


And then?

We’ll keep expanding our ranges of tabletop wargame miniatures and gaming accessories. We’ll improve the website and incorporate fancy new features. We will keep fighting for a tabletop wargaming and hobby industry that’s free from the economic tyranny and arrogance of a mindset stuck in the pre-internet era.

Like our page on Facebook to see what’s coming into stock, what’s looming on the horizon. Contribute to the discussions we have on new product ranges so we can bring in more of what you want. Share your miniature and modelling projects, your works in progress and receive positive reinforcement (we’re keen to stamp out the Whinge in Wargamers).

If you have wild ideas and desires to be a part of The Combat Company and help in building the biggest wargaming website in the world, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Battle On

Regards Russ, Ness, Xavier