Satyxis Raiders & Sea Witch

Warmachine - Cryx

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SKU: PIP-34142
Brand: Privateer Press
Faction: Cryx
Scale: 30mm
Material: White Metal
Miniature count: Eleven
Base size: Round Lip 11 x 30mm
This Privateer Press Warmachine Cryx Satyxis Raiders & Sea Witch Box set contains ten (10) white metal Cryx Satyxis Raiders & one (1) Sea Witch miniatures. All models are supplied unpainted and require assembly.
Striking without warning, the savage and cruel Satyxis are the terror of the Broken Coast. Belonging to an ancient tradition in which sailing is as natural as breathing, these fierce warrior women believe nothing in life to be sweeter than plunder and slaughter. The Satyxis savage their victims with the tearing barbs of their enchanted lacerators or break their bones with smashing blows of their twisted horns.

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