Bashi Bazouks (BS)

Infinity - Haqqislam

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SKU: INF-280482
Brand: Corvus Belli
System: Infinity
Faction: Haqqislam
Scale: 28mm
Material: White Metal
Miniature count: One

This Corvus Belli Infinity Haqqislam Bashi Bazouk (Boarding Shotgun) blister pack contains one (1) Haqqislam Bashi Bazouk with Boarding Shotgun miniature. All miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Bashi Bazouk is a term which comes from the Turkish word Başıbozuk, which means literally 'damaged head' but is usually translated as 'without leader'. That word served to designate some irregular troops of the ancient Ottoman army but the Bashi Bazouks of today are mercenary adventurers contracted to be part of the corsair crews in service to the Sultan and great lords of the Silk trade. Integrated into Search and Sweep Teams, their mission is to go through a boarded ship and eliminate resistance, labours in which nobody can deny their effectiveness.



Haqqislam, the New Islam, is a smaller power which possesses a single star-system only - Sourak. Separating itself from Fundamentalism Haqqislam bases its culture on an Islam which is humanist, philosphical and in continuous contact with nature. Biosanitary Science and Earthformation are the two major strengths of Haqqislam, which includes the best schools of medecine and planetology in the Human Sphere.

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